Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Something different

You may (or may not - it's not like it comes up in conversation a lot) know that I am a bit of a movie fan, and in the past few years have enjoyed discovering silent pictures with an emphasis on the comedies of the 1920s.  My favourite old movie star is Buster Keaton, but Harold Lloyd comes a close second.  Imagine my delight when my friend Pauline pointed out that the Astor Theatre was running a double feature of Harold Lloyd comedies (Safety Last, and Speedy) that coincidentally was due to screen right before my birthday.

So I got a birthday outing to see two movies made in the 1920s, in an awesome cinema that was first opened in 1936, with a crowd of people who were enjoying the experience as much as I was - best birthday ever!

And to top it (and bring this back on topic), off this is the birthday card Pauline made for me:

That guy there?  Harold Lloyd, hanging from the hands of a clock just like he did in Safety Last.

The relevance to Stampin' Up!?  Pauline used the Clockworks set to create the clock faces.

Love this card so much!  Thanks Pauline!

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Pauline Laing said...

What a good blog post. The circle stamps are an older stampin up set too.


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