Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We apologise for this break in our regular programming

... You know how it is ... Christmas brings with it a host of things to do, people to visit and books to catch up on. Not to mention the usual holiday saga of our main computer breaking down (as it has done three times now this year, at Easter, Queen's Birthday and now Christmas) (lucky we lashed out on a laptop a couple of months ago for DSs upcoming VCE years, or I would be going insane from being cut off from the net).

So what with one thing and another, not much stamping has been happening in our house the last week or so.

Once the new year starts, I will be right back into it.

Keep an eye out in January for news at the 2009 Sale-A-Bration promotion, where a spend of $100 will get you a FREE stamp set from the special Sale-A-Bration catalogue. More news in a few days.

I can't even post you a nice picture to look at ... *darn* ... rotten computer ...


Pauline said...

Do what I do, post any old picture you happen to have on the hard disk, and think up a blog entry around it...

Good luck to your poor broken computer!

Chris said...

If I had any pictures saved onto this laptop, sure I'd do that!

Good to hear from you



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