Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Improvements to the Online Store

If you've checked out the Online Store recently, you may have noticed a few changes going on ... here's a quick summary:

  • There is no longer a two-tiered pricing system - each product has one price, and that's the price you pay.
  • You will need to select a demonstrator (if you haven't already).
  • You can now shop using a Guest Account if you prefer not to create a profile for your purchases.  You will still need to select a demonstrator (and I hope it's me!) and have the option to be contacted or not, as you wish.
  • You can now easily save bag contents. Also, when adding items to your bag, you can choose to go directly to the bag or continue shopping. They have also included a progress bar to guide you through the ordering process.
  • Additional images are available for products.
  • You can sort the list from oldest to newest, or the other way round - perfect to see what's been added since the last time you looked (especially handy for MDS downloads, with new additions every week)
  • Sale prices are now clearly marked.
  • There are some hostess code updates.
  • You can state whether or not you want to be contacted by a demonstrator after your order - there is no requirement to check the box if you don't wish anyone to get in touch.

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