Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NEW! My Library for My Digital Studio™

Those of you who are now using My Digital Studio™ would know it can be tricky to keep track of what you've bought, not to mention all the great downloads you want in the future.

Well, there is now a solution!  Stampin' Up! has released an app (currently only for the iPad and iPad Mini, although I am told that a version for other devices is in the works) where you can keep track of your purchases, make a wish list, browse downloads and see the latest releases.  You can even link directly to the Online Store to shop for new downloads!

I downloaded the app the other night to have a play, and found it easy to use and very attractively designed as well :-)

You can't actually link your copy of MDS to the app, so you will have to manually search and add your purchases to your own list, but it's not at all difficult and is actually kind of fun to see what you already own - I found myself seeing my older downloads as if for the first time and thinking of ideas to use them as I went through the catalogue.

The app is free, too, so what's stopping you from downloading it today?  Even if you don't have MDS, you can get the app and browse the great digital content - many of the files available can be used in any graphics program.

As always, contact me if you want more information about My Digital Studio™, the My Library for My Digital Studio app or anything Stampin' Up!, just drop me an email.

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