Monday, February 9, 2009

You need a Crop-A-Dile

And while I'd like you to buy it from me, I can understand if you don't.

But the Crop-A-Dile is such a great tool!

Not only does this scary-looking object set your eyelets silently and quickly with a minimum of effort, it will punch holes through just about anything. I have put holes in 96 page exercise books, and the only reason I couldn't do a 128 page one is that it wouldn't fit in the little gap. I have put holes through the cardboard "chipboard" that is so popular these days with papercrafters. I have made rubber washers for some of my husband's many shed projects by punching through 2-3mm thick rubber. I have put holes in an ice cream container (then set eyelets into it) and into a mint tin.

And the other day, when DD was putting on her shoes for school, one of the eyelets fell out. Did I panic? No, sir! I found some nasty old eyelets I had from somewhere, grabbed my trusty Crop-A-Dile and voila, fixed in no time. Okay, so it doesn't match, but who cares? I got to play with my Crop-A-Dile before school!

And if you buy one, your husband will also find uses for it. Which justifies the purchase, yes?

Contact me for more information.


Pauline said...

I cropadiled a school bag! My kids needed house keys, and we used to have them on a lanyard, tied onto the tag inside the bag. But the tag tore! So I punched and eyeleted a hole in the divider between sections in the school bag - yay, a spot for a key that's really hard to lose!

Oh, and you can use them for craft and stuff.

Chris said...

Great idea! Got photos?

Artfelt Expressions said...

I agree! You need one of these! I recently lost about 10 lbs. and used mine to punch an additional hole in all my belts!


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