Sunday, May 26, 2013

Convention recap - some photos

I'm afraid I still don't have any pretty pictures to share with you of some of the great things we made at convention in Brisbane over the past few days - I have only recently arrived home and after two loads of washing (would have been more except I ran out of room on the line!) and a home cooked meal (that I cooked myself *sigh* back to reality) it's too dark to take a decent picture.  Soon, I promise.

In the meantime, I can share with you a few photos from the last few days ...

The theme for this year's convention was Be the Difference - the stage looked amazing :-)

Getting ready for one of the General Sessions ... this is a small portion of the 700-odd people who attended.

Denise having a play at the My Digital Studio™ station - there were several stations set up so that attendees could have a hands-on play with a few products (including ... shhh! ... new stuff from the upcoming catalogue!)
Felicity and her mum Jeanette.

Janine and Gail at the After Party.

Brisbane city across the river, with a full moon rising.

Me and Gail on the way home.

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