Monday, May 4, 2009

Stampin' Up! Convention '09 - Recap

As you may know, I have just spent the weekend in our nation's capital, attending the Stampin' Up! Australia Convention 2009. And what a blast it was! I have learned a few new tricks as well as met many people who would otherwise be just a name on an email, and seen some stunning samples (some of which I now have in my posession *g*). I wish that my camera had been playing nicely as there was just so many photo opportunities.

As is traditional, I made some swaps to share with other demonstrators, and I'm happy to say that didn't bring any of my own cards home with me. In return, I received some fabulous cards, pictured here (for some reason the second photo has come out sideways ... curse you Blogger!).

Thanks to (in no particular order) (no, wait, it's alphabetical *g*) Cameron Barth, Ros Bartlett, Kelly Bowen, Lorinda Brooks, Jenny Chilton, Michelle Corbett, Kasey Crabb, Bronwyn Eastley, Tiffany Ellacot, Sally Fernandez, Kate Fieldew, Lyn Fox, Rachael Gill, Bridget Larsen, Julie Leeper, Kathryn Lowe, Amanda Perryman, Carolyn Rakowski, Glyn Savage, Kym Smiley, Nikki Stalker, Naomi Swan, Naomi Swan, Miriam Thomas, Wendy Todd, Anna Wilson, Leah Winch, Karen Woods and Carolyn Young.

There are two cards there without names, so please don't think I forgot you, I just don't know who you are!

Aside from the business portion of Convention, we also had plenty of time to socialise after hours, and had a wonderful time. In a rare occurrence, we managed to get nine members of Gail Force Stampers in one place at the one time, a feat unheard of until now. One of our activities was a "shoebox swap", where we brought along the supplies and had everyone make a project ... here is a picture of my attempts:

There was one project I didn't get to - sorry, Marlene! I still have the supplies and hope to put it together this week! The designers of the above cards were Karen, Jo, Steph, Anne-Marie, Gail and Julie.

I hope to also post pictures of the Make & Takes we did at convention, but this will be later in the week when I actually get around to finishing them *g* - too much talking, not enough time.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Canberra put on its best weather for us, cool and crisp without being freezing. It is a beautiful city. We had some major laughs and a really good time. Roll on Sydney 2010, can't wait to get there!

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