Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Shot Sampler

Yesterday I worked at the Stampin' Up! stand at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft show (and a big hi to Pam, Joan, Leanne, Gail and Denise who were there with me). I spent a little time demonstrating for the passers by, and chose to use my Top Note die with the Big Shot.

Following many discussions with people about the Big Shot and what sorts of things you can put through it, I was inspired last night to scrounge through my miscellaneous craft supplies to see just what you can put through the Big Shot using the Sizzix Bigz Dies (like the Top Note die).

And here you have it. My sampler ring, also known as "Things I Put Through MyBig Shot".

From left to right, the materials I used are:

A. Light weight chipboard
B. Corrugated card
C. Metal shim (yep, this won't last very long *g*)
D. Shelf liner (the grippy stuff)
E. Felt
F. Cellophane
G. Acetate
H. Fabric
I. Fun foam
J. Plastic - the sort that quilting templates are often made of
K. Shrink plastic (which is a little hard to see because all I could find was clear - and then I shrunk it *g*).

A quick disclaimer - these materials were cut using the Top Note Bigz Die. The Originals, Bigz and Bigz XL dies are strong enough to cope with thicker materials and layers. If you are using the smaller, more delicate Sizzlits dies, you will only be able to cut thinner material like cardstock, and only in single layers.

I'm back working at the craft show tomorrow, and will be taking my little sampler ring with me for that inevitable question ... "Just what can you cut with a Big Shot?".


Felicity said...

Super nifty Chris - do you really have all those things just lying around???? LOL

Pauline said...

that is really nifty - and yes, she does have all those things lying around... gotta be prepared!


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