Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have just spent the long weekend without a computer, and I honestly didn't realise how much I rely on it to keep me busy and amused! The rotten thing died at 5:35pm on Friday, and after taking it into the shop Saturday morning I was told it wouldn't be ready till at least this afternoon (Tuesday).

You would think that would give me ample time to play with my stamp supplies and make some fabulous works of art, wouldn't you?

Nup. Not one moment was spent stamping.

I spent the weekend reading, watching DVDs with the kids and knitting a scarf for Miss Nine (I promised her a scarf like the one I made myself a couple of years ago, out of fluffy feathery wool with a beaded fringe). Without the distractions of the computer I have nearly finished the knitting! And we got to watch some episodes of Scrubs and Arrested Development, plus Spiderman (the first movie - Miss Nine hadn't seen it), the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Muppet Treasure Island (we're having a Muppets revival in our house - you forget over the years just how funny they were!).

That's a lot of DVDs *g*.

Hopefully I will have my compter back today (probably with another new hard drive) and can return to normal programming. Just not looking forward to the bill *groan*.


Lita said...

Ugh, I understand your frustration without your computer. It's amazing how dependent you can become on the little box lol I was without mine for a month once and it was horrid!! Hoping it all gets sorted out soon for you :)

Chris said...

Hi! I just worked out who you were *g* (checked out your blog too, very nice) The puter is back and working properly now for the first time in three months - hooray!


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