Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Flowers!

*gasp* a non Stampin' Up! entry! But it was such fun I have to share.

A few weeks ago, a challenge was issued to members of South Eastern Rubber Stampers (a craft group who meet on the last Saturday of each month in the Mount Street Neighbourhood House in Glen Waverley).

The challenge - create a paper flower to go towards a big surprise "thank you" bouquet for Pauline, who does such a great job running the club for us, and has done for many years now.

These are the flowers I made - I was only going to do one, but found once I started it was impossible to stop, and ended up with four.

The first two flowers are made with a series of heart shapes, curled a little on the edges, the third and fourth are made with circles (the largest was about 4 inches across) fringed along the edges and again curled.

You can see the finished bouquet over on the SERS blog.

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