Saturday, July 5, 2008

Curly Brackets

Okay, I did mention a while back that I would have to quickly show you how to use the Stampin' Up! Round Tab Punch to create little curly brackets, and finally here it is! With thanks to my daughter who took the photos.

First punch out a Round Tab, and put it aside - you can use it to make a bookmark or something later.

Then (holding the punch upside down so you can see where you're punching), slide the punch over about three millimetres and punch again.

Do this a few times. You will have some little punchies that look kind of like bats (well, they do to me ... perhaps I need to get out more).

Now simply trim the "wings" off and there you are!

Another reason why you need to have this punch. It is, of course, invaluable for labelling your files (I punch tabs out of sticky paper for this), or a tab at the top of a bookmark (note to self: post a bookmark to the blog). And yesterday, some creative friends of mine came up with a couple of new ideas for this punch as well, which I will have to show you another time.


Lita said...

Oh dear - another punch i need now! lol Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

*ggg* sorry


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