Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going, going .... gone!

Just popping in really quickly to post a link to the 2012 Retiring List ... it's that time of the year when a whole bunch of products are dropped from the Stampin' Up! line to make way for awesome new goodies.

Much as we'd love to keep these around forever, there just isn't space in the warehouse!  I encourage you to take a look at the list to see if there's anything there you've had your eye on but not quite got around to purchasing just yet.

Remember that the items on the linked list is only available while stocks last - you need to be quick to place your order or you might miss out.

(And a quick note ... if you do take a look at the list you will see that ALL the inkpads are "retiring" - fear not!  The inkpads are being reconfigured - the colours will still be available, but in a new "foam" pad which we're told is superior to the current fabric style.  The cases and colours will remain the same).

I will make a proper post with all the information you need in the next day or so - see you then!

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