Saturday, August 4, 2012

Heartfelt Stampin' Event Melbourne 2012

Today I was lucky enough to attend the first Heartfelt Stampin' Event in Australia - a new take on the Regional seminars that have been held in previous years.

Usually, everyone sits at tables to watch demonstrations and listen to speakers, with a bit of make & taking thrown in.  It's informative but not very tactile.

This year, we did get the make & take session (and I actually finished one of the four projects!  I know!  I never do that!) (the others will be completed, I swear).

But there was so much more.  Yes, there were awesome demonstrations where we sat and watched four talented ladies take us through such topics as Decorations, Cards, Packing and Wrapping, and Handmade Gifts (such beautiful projects they made!).

But there were also the hands-on workstations where attendees could wander around and try their hand at different products, many of which are not yet available to the Australian market (well, until September 1).  A couple of  stands were set up where more involved products and projects were demonstrated - here's Felicity, before the rush:

She felt like she was on a cooking show :-)

There was even some tables where the guests could make Christmas decorations to hang on the Stampin' tree - and of course, I forgot to photograph that *darnit*.

Here's a picture of some happy people working their way through the make & take projects.  From left, Pauline, Jo, Nicky, Heather and Judy:

I didn't take nearly as many photos as I had intended *sigh* - too much to do, too little time. All in all, a fun day, lots to do and see, and of course there was lots of catching up with friends.

Oh, and we got a copy of the new catalogue,  Just thought I'd throw that out there - and I can tell you you're going to LOVE it!  Seriously, it's the best yet!

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