Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye Post #3

Another farewell post *sniff* this is getting me a little emotional.  I have loved these sets, and will miss being able to share the love with others.  Of course, I will still have them, but won't be using them nearly as much now that I can't sell them as well :-)

Today, Inspired by Nature.  What a gorgeous set - one large stamp with daisies (or whatever they are - I'm no botanist), and another grass.  Sounds odd and not very pretty, but honestly, they are!  The grass in particular has been well used, as it comes in handy for the background of many nature inspired cards.

My personal favourites:

If you click on the pictures you will be taken to the original post which should outline the materials used on each card.  Keep in mind that some of these are several years old and as such, quite a bit of the Stampin' Up! product used has long since retired.

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